Mainak Mukherjee
@Restless_dude99 · 4:59

Let's Talk Real: Ep 7-Do people change a lot in your life, they did for me. It's harsh but the truth hits you hard.

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No, I've never found a friend like that. Unfortunately, maybe you guys have found someone like this. I'm really happy for you, but it's really the attitude of them. Or they don't find you friend anymore. They find no rude. This guy is not my friend anymore because he is pretty boring. I don't like his companionship and all this stuff

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LL Walton
@lavidus · 1:37


But in regards to people who dismiss you after a certain period of time, maybe they were not your friends in the first place. And this is an opportunity for you to intentionally choose people who are sincere and who can be truly your friend. I hope this helps, but you might have to spend some time alone first to find what that is to you. Okay. Peace and love
Mainak Mukherjee
@Restless_dude99 · 1:53
When I'm seeing this, it's really harsh for me, but at the same time, this is the ugly truth of our life. Like the term BFF, which is best friend forever is a hoax, is a myth to me because that really can happen in your life. When you're saying he's my best friend forever, who knows that best friend might pass away from you and just go into other parts. So other ways, he might do something else
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