Mainak Mukherjee
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Let's Talk Real: Ep 2- How Procrastination killed me Part I

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I failed in mathematics. I got eleven out of 100. But still I was promoted. I was passed all the failing one subject, but in total one to calculate the entire total. It was like I was passed. I got 54% from the science perspective. In total, in class ten, where I got 85% in class twelve, I got 61%. Yes, but still another thing was that once I joined my College, I thought that no

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Debasmita Roy
@Debasmita19 · 1:41
Honestly, I also had a time in my life when I all of a sudden became a little casual about studies and about everything. I also started procrastinating things, so I know somewhere I feel this is the part of our life. Maybe I never had the idea of failing, but I always believe that failure is the pillar of success. Maybe that moment when we couldn't achieve what we are supposed to or maybe what we can that make us learn so much. And that makes us so mature
Shubham Singh
@Shubhu12 · 0:04
Oh, my God, is it you? That's so amazing
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