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5 Quick Action Steps to Support you and take Back Control!!!

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You do not get feedback like you do with the therapist and you do not get navigation like you do with a therapist. But being being able to say your feelings out loud and let them go is the most rewarding, refreshing and liberating feeling. So I want to leave you with remember, take control of your life. Take control of your time and effort. Anything is possible with persistence and positive attitude. You have to want it. And I want it for you

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 0:40
Thank you. anyhow yeah. Is that voice notes? Is that like speaking out loud to someone? I'm just curious kind of what your thoughts around it are. A lot of times I will do voice notes, and it does help just as much as journaling does
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Now I'm not going to be able to say it, but when you can break things down into different compartments and actually, I guess, view them from a different perspective, and that's what I really pride myself on, is giving the person that I'm working with or talking with, ieu
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