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E. Jean Carroll Was Not A Manilla Folder!

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You business meetings have changed in the last ten years. It used to be that when my husband met someone who we wanted to do business with, it was just presumed that there would first be some inaugural dinner in which my husband and this man would get together with his wife and myself before for kids not a big deal, after kids a bigger deal. And I didn't have family around to rely on for help, which required finding babysitters

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Because a heart doesn't seem quite enough. I'm just leaving this audio response and I'm plotting over here. I don't really have anything to add, and I don't know if this will strike everyone in the same way, but it really was striking as someone who was a manila folder opposite a different Narcissists at different times in my life and then what life has been like then and what life is like now. Yeah, this is a really strong, powerful piece
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It's better if we just are able to educate our children and prevent them from getting into these relationships. But for the people who do come through it, it's an amazing transformation to witness. So that's it's. Awesome. So proud of you
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