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Donald Trump and the night I learned the truth

But after children, my interest waned, and I was on to the task of learning to become the perfect parent as opposed to the perfect citizen. FYI, I failed miserably at that, but that's for another post. So that's when I made the conscious decision to only start focusing on campaigns after the leading candidates for each party were announced. So for national elections, that meant after the national convention, when each party called their official presidential candidate

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Quick caveat did you notice how Donald Trump never sued his niece for libel after she wrote the book about him? Libel is when someone publishes a false statement about you. Instead, he just asked for an injunction to prevent the book from being placed on the shelves. It was denied. My experience with the disorder prior to that moment was both personal and professional. As such, I considered myself fairly well versed in the subject, even back then
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Almost immediately, I stumbled upon duty to warn an organization of mental health professionals who were searching for volunteers who could speak publicly about moving removing Trump from office under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution on the grounds he was psychologically unfit for office. Being both a lawyer and a therapist, it seemed the perfect way to volunteer my time
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I had even already had our plane tickets booked to take my girls to see the inauguration of the country's first female president in Washington, DC. But as the events of the evening wore on and reality set in, I somehow mustered up just enough energy to thank my guests for coming and found myself on the bathroom floor in tears. My oldest daughter hugged me. It's okay, mom. There'll be a female president one day. You're right, honey. Maybe it'll even be you
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And the pundits from that person, if not the person itself, will be there in the room trying to convince you to vote for their person. And then there's another round of where you tell them testimony why everyone should vote for that person. Then why should you switch? People? They give an opportunity for people to switch. It was interesting just to hear what other people had to say. And people that were voting for Bernie Sanders kept bringing up the same thing with Clinton
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When you can't win on fairness or meeting people in the middle, you use a narcissist, and that's what they did. I just don't think that that's going to be as effective the second time around because it rarely ever is. And I think it polarized a country. People are tired and they're ready for to see someone new represent the party
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So that explains all of that, and we need to have more empathy for that. And most of the time, I'm in agreement of seeing someone who's struggling with something and saying, yes, we need to rally around that person. We need to support that person. In Donald Trump's case, I think it's not either or in terms of he's either dealing with the mental health challenge or he's just a terrible person. I think in his case, it's both
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You. So I was right there with you thinking this is not going to happen. There's no way this is going to happen. Told myself over and over again, not going to happen. And it happened. And he's running again. So trying to get back to that spot where it's not going to happen is scary. I am scared. Thank you for sharing this
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I don't know if hatred toward a group of people who have no ability over the way they are is not a mental illness in and of itself. However, there should not be rants confessions made for the way Donald Trump is, regardless of a diagnosis. But the way that psychopathy works and malignant narcissism, and even narcissism, I should say, is it doesn't really exist in societies that don't have a tolerance for it