Rebecca Richardson

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Hearts Home


"…This poem is called Hearts Home. Your brightness in my world never once brought me warmth reflected off the snow. You were my sunlight. But only like in February, when the winter chill grasped so tightly that even the brightest day is frigid my soul perpetually shivering and yearning. I see you. But I feel nothing idealism cannot begin to replace the true power of radiant compassion.…"



Taylor J

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"…Hey, Rebecca, I really dug your poem. I experimented a little bit with writing poetry back in the day, but it was never really something that I was comfortable with sharing. Maybe you will give me a little bit of inspiration, but I just want to say a thought that was beautiful and I appreciated it.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Rebecca Richardson

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"…I'm so new to this site, I actually have no idea how to reply, so hopefully I'm doing this right. Thank you so much for the read, and I really hope you do keep writing and that you find something that inspires you because I feel like it's one of the most beautiful outlets. Obviously, I'm biased about that.…"


Hearts Home

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