Rebecca Richardson

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The Phoenix

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"…No matter how hard I try seek to inspire my sword becomes my pire burning for my passion And I can't wait to be Ashes to be scattered to the Sky In this angry wind I'll fly for that's how the Phoenix rises this girl the world despises giving life into the flame no more shame upon my name just the freedom to be loved as I break to rise above.…"

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Rich Geier

@Word · 2yr ago · 2:00

"…Fantastic poem again. I too have. This is one thing I'm kind of digging about scrolling through your poetry here that some of the topics such as mental health and stuff that you touch on. I can relate to the stuff and even titles of poems because I actually have a player poem called The Phoenix myself that included the message here. But in regards to the Phoenix rising from the Ashes and stuff like that, that was something that had resonated with me one day.…"

The Phoenix

@RenGoblin · 2yr ago · 0:39


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