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"…They say the profane is inherently offensive, as if we should stifle our darkness. Embrace only light and beauty. Turn blind eye and mute tongue. Everybody asks your story, only willing to celebrate success weeping alone in failure. We mourn our happily ever after. I'm so f****** tired of bottling my hatred, my flaws, my sorrows. The profanity bleeds like the broken who speak it right. It revel in its freedom and ferocity when words without shame manifest.…"

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Taylor J

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"…Hey Rebecca, I really appreciated that. As usual, I just love the other poetry that you read here, and I appreciate you continuing to do it. It's really nice to hear every time you post a new one. I wanted to link here. I don't know if you saw, but there was an interview that was going on the other day about poetry. I think it's something that you might like listening to and potentially chiming in on. I'd like to know your thoughts.…"

Rebecca Richardson

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"…So I checked out the link that you sent, and I listened to it. I didn't have much to contribute, but it was a really nice conversation to listen to. I very much appreciate. Very sleepy. You thought of me. And Secondly, that you keep coming back to hear my poems. Thank you so much, by the way. Yeah.…"


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