Rebecca Richardson

@RenGoblin·2yr ago·0:36

Inner Dwelling


"…Please stop searching my eyes for that girl. You knew she doesn't live here anymore. Retreat beckoned her light into its darkness. Garden deep within, walled off for her safety. Somehow the rambles and loneliness. They hurt less contamination and cruelty. She's too fragile for the hate of this world. So she manifested the woman before you to protect the fragments of her fantasy where she's held in arms which seek to love her. And her sense of wonder is no longer a weakness.…"

#poetry #depression


Caleb Paul

@tooshy · 2yr ago · 4:59

"…Hello. Hello, dear Rengoblin, thank you so much for sharing that beautiful, gentle and said poetry of yours. Think I can relate to your poetry because mainly of two reasons. I have had, like depression for the last past five years of my life, mainly because of my mental illness. I have, like, severe social anxiety, which kind of stops me, like every time I can to go out and to stay in my house even before 19.…"

@RenGoblin, So Sad so gentle but so beautiful,


Inner Dwelling

@RenGoblin · 2yr ago · 0:36


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