Renee Slay
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Religious Differences & Spirituality - Do you accept and respect the paths of others or do you secretly or openly scorn their practices? Let's talk!

I'm not going to call spirituality a religion. I don't think that's really what it is. But it's a different way of practicing being, I guess. I know from my journey you all know I was raised Southern Baptist, had to be out there with them rednecks. So being raised in a Southern Baptist church, I think the last time I know the last time I went to church, I was 15 and I made a conscious choice not to go back

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Theo Seibold
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And we had a discussion about this very subject about if I'm religious or what I believe. And I said, Mom, I said, I don't have an answer, because in my mind, I think that something along those lines have a network beyond our life somehow keeping our spirit. I feel like that's something we wouldn't necessarily know how to comprehend, something that vast in the universe or even beyond that, if you will
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Hi, Theo. I appreciate you so much for piping in on this and I respect and accept you and your beliefs, period. Just point blank. The concept of God could actually be and if you think about it logically, the concept of Bible. Bible could be a way to dictate man's actions and what is accepted and what is not accepted because man wrote the Bible


But I do find it frustrating when anyone who does have spirituality or religion of some kind believes me, sees me as a non believer, to be inferior, to be without a moral compass, to be sort of ignorant and just plotting my way through life until I have the revelation that is inevitably going to happen. Because in my mind it demeans my ability to think about, to evaluate my own decisions, my own thoughts, my own way with respect to why I'm no longer a believer
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So I think as long as we respect and accept that people can can have a difference of how they view these things without this crazy, let's fight about it and let me save your soul or you're going to fry in h*** conversation that never needs to happen, because it's supposed to be about love, no matter what. So I appreciate you again for coming in on this and sharing your opinion
J.L. Beasley
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My father grew up same but had more of a spiritual relationship and connection to God. My mother grew up the same, in her words, backslid. And it was around my middle school years that she rededicated her life. But I mean went hardcore to the point of discomfort in the house. For me, what's important and I have the same beliefs. There's one god
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Thank you for responding. I totally get it. I get it. I resonate with it. It was the same for me. Finding my own personal relationship, not just what I was told had to happen to have a relationship. So totally get it. Everybody has something. So thanks for chiming in there