Welcome to our Natural Health Fair - Week 1

We have a wonderful Live Doctor panel presentation on Wednesday discussing immune botanicals and their uses. Eco Parent is shared with us a parenting guide on sustainable and ecofriendly parenting. The Serpent in the Butterfly is a book by Dr. Ben Reeves nd he's provided us the first chapter discussing the seven laws of healing. We have a wonderful video from Dr. Patty Kim of pretty well discussing what supplements a doctor like herself takes for her own personal use

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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 1:09
Thank you so much for this lovely swell. I will check out this fare and sign up. I'm very interested in Naturopathy just to give you a quick overview. I am a person who has over the last five years been able to cure my son of atopic dermatitis and IBS and cure myself of hypertension or high blood pressure using natural means and methods and my own research