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How To Spot an unRighteous person from a Mile away

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"…Hey, guys, it's your boy, the Visionary. So I wanted to know for you. What is the signs of a woman that's not righteous or a man that's not righteous? Yeah. What's the sign of a woman or a man that's not righteous. And don't be too judgmental. But be judgmental. Thank you.…"



Anthony Myers

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"…Because when you meet, like, an upfront girl or who's, like, righteous, you could tell from their demeanor, their posture, their look and the way they present themselves, how they actually bring something to the table and have some information.…"


Yaron King

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"…So if that's what she's her mind filled with nothing but Carly B, then for me, it's very likely that she is not moving in a righteous direction because she's probably more influenced by dollar versus thinking for herself.…"


Malyk Scott

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"…Honestly, it's just a simple little things, because again, you can have a woman that is clean cut and she could just be dumb as rocks. And you won't know that until you get to that deep conversation. So it's just really you got to really get to know him because anybody can have a fat a** and smile, and we already know our base, what they're about. So Yeah.…"



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"…Hello to everybody in the chat room and also to King, Dodge and Quintina. What I want to say is that for me starts with social media. If I find out that the person I really interested in has so much interest for social media and is always up with the social problems of who did this, who did that, and that's a no go for me, for instance, that's an unrighteous woman for me. Then at first.…"



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 0:44

"…So that's a moment of me of just shutting down the door slowly without the person even noticing. Yeah.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!


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"…I told her if we like, for instance, had sex with each other and you had your period, I would have to stay, like, seven to eight days away from you. It's not that you are unclean. It's just that the blood is unclean. And that was something that sparked a very big controversy between me and the person. Yeah. It came to like, a crack within our relationship. So that was something that can happen.…"



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"…If you, for instance, get into a conversation with an righteous woman, you can see from above. I am other kind of person. I give the person always a chance. I get into a conversation with somebody and I'm talking about it. Doesn't matter what religion that person has.…"



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 1:18

"…Well, thinking about this, I really believe that unrighteous folks, we were all once, right, righteous and we did righteous things, unclean things and don't think we have to go there and save them. I truly believe that it is best to talk to them if they have an ear and they're not so blindly to it, then they will see or hear it. If they don't, then no, they won't. So it's very easy.…"


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"…Well salute to everybody and happy Shabbat. I believe that the unrighteous person also is not that he doesn't know. She doesn't know that he's doing an unreal act. It's just that that it's very hard for the unrighteous person to come clean. To be righteous. Righteous is a process to become very righteous. I do believe it's a process like becoming an adult. I think adult doesn't stop from your age or has nothing to do with your age.…"


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