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What is the greatest lesson that the Most High taught you these past few years?

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"…What's up, family? This is Tina, from the RealVision and The Visionary Podcast. And the question that we have for you guys this week. What, what is the greatest lesson that the most High has taught you these past few years? Thank you so much. Peace and blessings.…"

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@Kent90 · 1yr ago · 1:49

"…Salute King Dutch and Queen Tina. I think the best lesson ever to learn is Karma that you report you. So, for instance, if you do someone wrong or injustice, you get the injustice sooner or later. So that is what I've always kept in mind. Because if I, for instance, done someone wrong and I still apologize, it doesn't mean that it is settled off or it is settled.…"



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"…The song says, Sorry, and then the father still with him, even though it's in the Bible also where it says that you should spare your child with the road if you love your child because your child will learn not to do it anymore and will be. I do really believe and think that every good things you do comes back at you. And really, I never myself never, ever thought that it was going to happen to me.…"


"…Thanks, Brother Kent. We always appreciate your participation in the Swell. You always give great feedback, great commentary and great lessons and stories. Thank you so much, Brother. Peace and blessings.…"


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"…Salute, salute, salute, Queen Tina. Thank you very much. Well, I'm very I don't even know what to say. Thank you very much.…"

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"…I don't know how many times I will change many things at once, but not knowing that I have to change it gradually and slowly, you know, step by step, not trying to change something like everything at once, you know. So that's the reason I think this is also a great lesson for me.…"


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