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Do you know anyone who died from the COVID Vaccine?

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"…Shalom family. So we have a question for you guys. Have you personally known someone who has died from any of the COVID vaccinations agents? Or do you know somebody who knows somebody who has died or had severe side effects? Please let us know. Please tell us the stories and let us know if any of your people's have taken the vaccine and what was their experience like peace and blessings.…"

The media and doctors are nonchantly dismissing death correlations after taking the vaccine. Do you know anyone who took it?


Yaron King

@YaronBWise · 2yr ago · 0:28

"…I don't know anybody that died from it or anyone that knows anyone who died from it. Although I do know a lot of people that have already taken it. So I would probably say that might be something that I can probably give you a solid effort on in the coming months.…"



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 1:13

"…Well, salute to everybody. And I hear you, Queen Tina, Queen willist, salute to you. I think I know some people who are going to definitely take the Master back of the Beast the vaccine because I had a discussion. I always have a discussion with my family here in abroad. And she said that she has taken two of the Corona tests and it's just because the job is attached to her work. So she's going to take the vaccine.…"



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 0:55

"…And they don't want to lose anything that they've built since all the years. And Yeah.…"



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 1:49

"…Due to the vaccine that has been given. This vaccine is called Astro something Astra something has killed a lot of people and have caused a lot of damage in and infections in many people's body who've taken it. It's not that I feel sorry for them, but it's just that they are being warned not to take it and they still did.…"



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 1:21

"…I would like to say that I made a mistake. Please forgive me for my ignorance. I just spoke with my sister and I posted a video that I saw for a man taking the Astra Zena car or something like that. And through the infection, everything, his whole bone structure or his skin just peeled. And there was nothing but burned flesh on his body. And I discussed that with my sister and she really thinks like me and I was wrong.…"


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