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Which is the strongest? Wine 🍷, King 🤴🏿, Women👰🏿, or Truth ?

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"…Hey, everybody, it's Tina Anne Dutch from the RealVision Division. And this is actually going to be a scripture. It comes out of Apocrypha. I'm not gonna say what where it comes from. Some of you may know, but I thought it would be an interesting swell. So let's go ahead and ask them that which is stronger? Is wine stronger than a King? Is a King stronger than woman? And is women stronger than truth? Say it one more time.…"

The answer is quite obvious but give a thoughtful response.



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"…Salute, brothers and sisters, Sister Tina, Brother, Dutch, Salute, and to everyone. Also, I do believe that women are well, the most strongest, even in the biblical characters and the Scripture. I think women have the power to persuade and also to build. I think women are really powerful and strong beings who can actually control and destroy and also enlighten and build.…"



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"…I would say truth. I wanted to take wine at first, but I would say truth because truth has the ability to broaden your mind, mind. And truth also gives you a level of awareness and possibilities. That means possibilities. And you have a choice and a conscience to decide which way you want to go and which way you don't want to go. That's what I see in I think it's the next strongest. Yeah.…"



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"…I do think I couldn't respond or I could have responded early, but it would have been just, like, very complicated to understand. And I think also that I spent time alone and think about the question that has been asked so I can respond with the spiritual, thoughtful mindset and not with a worldly mindset. I think that is what is I think, being required because it's a deep thought you're to bring into this question. And it was very important.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!


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"…The time of our history or times of our history. I always think that women, I mean, those of the Gizabel women have always brought down men through their looks and their beauty. And they have even one of the strongest men, the most physical mental always fall in love to all these toxic women. And boom, there we go.…"


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"…I know they might argue against it, but for instance, you just put out the opposite and you make it clear. So that's what I am right now, because if someone ever comes again next time and abuse me or insult me in front of everybody, I'll lead, obviously, that he is Neanderthal and I am a different race. I am special. He is not.…"


Truth Fanatic

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"…I agree, because once you learn something or once you come into the knowing of something, it's all in how you utilize that knowledge, whether it's for the good or whether it's for the bad. But to pretty much sum up my response, I think the truth out of wine, King or women not to say that those entities, Kings, women and wine aren't strong, but I believe the truth trumps them all.…"

I think truth is the strongest.👍🏾


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