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@Real_Vision·1yr ago·2:03

Do Black Women Call The Police on Black men More Than White Women ?


"…White women calling the police or calling somebody on a black man. This is nothing new. So for us to even have this conversation, it's like. But in today's world, yes, I would say black women probably are h*** all responsible for having a lot of black men in jail also, or just women in general. But, yeah, that's my opinion. Let me know how you all feel.…"

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Yaron King

@YaronBWise · 1yr ago · 4:53

"…So when it comes to a lot of these Caucasian women that call the police on this, I would just say, just remember, those are the same women from back in the day that are demonically reincarnated to use the police as a weapon to get us to bend to their will the same way as a lot of these demonic black women that believes in the system. They use the cost to get a Negro man to bend to other will.…"


Dominique Wilson

@DaraIsrael · 1yr ago · 1:04

"…And they fully know what will happen. If you call the cops on a black man, then they're just an evil person. But I don't think that do, do, do, do, do do do black women call the police. Women.…"


C D Harmon

@Harmonies · 1yr ago · 4:47

"…In my opinion, police have not been historically on the side of black women. So a lot of black women do not call the police because black women are accustomed to suffering. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean that just in the struggle to protect black men and black boys and black girls, black women have done it all. So I think we have to unpack what does call the police mean? What does it mean to call the police in 2021?…"

Black men - why are we talking about Black Women in this way?


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