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Truth is the best propaganda

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"…Hey, guys, this is Dutch from the Villas in the Visionary Podcast. And I have a question for you. The question is, is truth. Truth is the best propaganda. Truth is the best propaganda. What does that mean to you.…"

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Anthony Myers

@ant · 2yr ago · 1:27

"…So when you put Truth's propaganda together, it's basically meaning they're blind or oblivious to what's actually going on and letting a psyops fool them and be in the world for the lies every day. Truth is a propaganda to people that don't want to fully wake up and see what everything is. So also, if you connect certain events that happen in the real world, they were mostly silent things going on.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 2:21

"…But how many times in the past have we been wrong about it? How much stuff are we wrong about now that we're confident in that we feel is factual evidence? So, yes, truth is, I guess, in some ways, propaganda.…"

Truth is in the skull.



@Kent90 · 2yr ago · 3:27

"…They're not even open to any kind of signs that has been shown and the colors and the gesture of individuals on news, music, movies and all this stuff, even in real life, they ain't paying attention. So I would say, I agree with Brother Anne that these are the two third people that don't want to actually seek the truth, and they don't care to know till we arrive now in this shutdown that's when people want to wake up and it would be too late.…"


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