Rayan Sabeti
@Rayan.S · 1:13

Sour feijoa gummies

So a while back, one of my friends brought me something new. Well, not me. We're kind of sharing it, but this thing called Fijoa Suites, and they're so gummies, and they have this very interesting taste. And they're actually imported from New Zealand. It's something that's common over there. It's very native to an extent, in a way, it's available around the world as well

Feijoa, gummy, sour, sweets, New Zealand

Neha M
@neha_munje · 0:18
Oh, I love sour candies. That sounds the way you're describing it. Sounds like I would like it, like, just like a confusing sour mixture of fruits. That's cool. I wonder if I can find it anywhere in Canada. I don't know. I'll have to, like, make really look for it if I wanted it, I think. But that's cool