Rayan Sabeti
@Rayan.S · 1:19

Snow peircer

It's just not exactly my type, but it's about how global warming just got taken to other next level and how the remainder of the world's population is living on a long train, a very long train and how they have certain train carriages for growing food, certain train carriages for keeping prisoners, certain train carriages for night cars, like nightclubs and things like that. So it is pretty interesting. I would recommend it


Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:53
I mean, it's based off of a graphic novel, but the story was written. The screenplay was written by Bong Joon Ho. The film was directed by Bong Joon Ho, and you might recognize the name because just this past year, he was the writer director of the film Parasite, which ended up winning many awards at the Oscars this past year. So definitely give the film a go if you haven't already
Sohini Joarder
@Rover_Phoenix · 0:35
Hey, Ryan, if I'm saying it correct. So I don't know if you watch Snow peircer, the movie by Chris Evans or Snow peircer, the series starring Jennifer Connolly. But I watched both. And I love the series personally, it was Sci-Fi, it was action. I loved it because the twists and turns and eagerly waiting for season three also. But yeah, I just loved it