Rashida Brookins
@rashida · 4:21

Forgive like a Comet

It's all about time that's what makes it such an adventure fall into the sacred moment Is really all we have Spend every second as if you are star gazing from a Hospice bed Fall into the sacred moment with me no more unspoken words no more unmentioned mercies no more unthawed hearts no more unforgivable sins no more unopened eyes no more unfelt tendernesses no more unlit candles no more unkind comments no more unattended gardens no more unfinished poems no more unheard pardons no more unremarkable kisses no more unbelievable compliments no more unaware ignorances no more unappreciated miracles no more unopened doors no more unhealthy relationships no more unrecorded songs no more unclimed mountains no more unstated sentiments no more unwritten love letters no more unfollowed dreams no more unheld Angels no more unrealized opportunities no more untouched conversations no more unthought wishes no more unuttered prayers no more untrue sermons no more unneeded desires no more unnecessary worry no more unused dancing shoes no more unlocked vaults no more unthoughtful insults no more untied knots no more unhappy compromises no more unread Psalms no more unsealed tombs no more untaken journeys no more unseen wonderment no more These seconds are racing by let's not waste any more of them Sit with me now and wrap your legs between mine And let's laugh together wildly under this beautiful falling Sky Fall into this sacred moment with me Is really all we have It's all about time