Todd Wiese
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Why do I (an atheist) celebrate Christmas?

Okay, take three. I was breathing too heavily, walking up a Hill, not in a walk. And I recorded some audio with my new podcast, mic and field recorder. I'm not using that now, but I might in the future, but anyway, I'm out of breath because I'm out of shape. But anyway, I was talking about why I as an atheist, celebrate Christmas

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Georgie Dee
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The Pressure of Christmas

So I know I've taken this on a different tangent, but I think it's important to have these things in our mind. There's a lot of people that don't even get to celebrate Christmas, as you saw from my faces of Christmas swell that I did. And all that stuff is in my mind at Christmas. And I suppose because I haven't had the perfect family all the time. I can relate to that more myself. So I don't think you're a hypocrite
Tim Ereneta
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These are pagan traditions that were co opted by various by the Church, basically to incorporate to make sure that the conquered Peoples stopped celebrating their own cultural traditions and adopted the new ones. Yet Christianity has no monopoly on bringing a tree inside the house during midwinter or taking time off work and having big feasts during midwinter or gathering around a fireplace and toasting and singing songs. None of that is unique to the birth of a divine figure. So go ahead, celebrate away
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Welcome to Swell!

Dewuan .
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Hopefully you had a good Xmas.

So it's American tradition in a way we literally started from like we started way after history was already kind of brought, and we had to borrow traditions and customs from many of the immigrants that came here from various countries into America itself. And that is what our DNA is comprised of celebrating Christmas is nothing different than, I don't know, celebrating any other day
Mark Ward
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You dirty, disgusting godless. Heathens, I want you to know that I am on the phone with Jesus right now. I'm on hold, but I can assure you of one thing. You will not be in invited to next year's birthday party that I promise you. But seriously, I don't see any reason why an atheist shouldn't celebrate Christmas. Join in the spirit of the fun and the essence of what Christmas is supposed to represent rather than the insanity that it has become
Charlie Floyd
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So, for instance, Barack Obama is not ados. Is he a black person? Yes. Does he come from the legacy and the inherited terrorism and the epigenetic changes in the economic failure of having been enslaved? No. But I would say that's one reason why we celebrate Christmas
Todd Wiese
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Damon. Hey. Hello. Thanks for your response. Very thoughtful and lots of good ideas in there. I agree that Christmas has become just a vehicle for consumerism and capitalism and that it's not necessarily about family or even what a family is supposed to be. But I don't think that it has to be that way. I don't think that we have to reject the holiday season simply because of what other people want to assign to it
Paul OMahony
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Atheists are not hypocrites

In fact, it can be lonely to be an atheist. You may not have all that many close friends who are card carrying atheists, so Consequently you would actually have a fairly lonely time if you didn't join in with the people who aren't atheists and do your bit like bring the wine to the meal. Don't expect it to be turned. Don't expect the host to be able to turn their tap water into wine. You could help with the turn Arki we could help with
Todd Wiese
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Not everyone has family, but that's the time to get together with them, because that's when everyone usually is off work and school, and that's when everyone can get together. So that's why we celebrate it. And I hope whatever you celebrate, that you have a good time. And I appreciate the reply. Okay. Thanks, man. Take care. Cheers. And happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. I used to work in retail