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Any tapeheads on Swell?

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"…They also do cassettes sometimes, but I thought it'd be cool to record the show, the live show of the band, and then put it on tape and make some nice artwork, maybe photos of the show to be on the J card. That's what that little piece of paper is called when you put it in the case, a J card. And I'm going to call it noise reduction recordings, because noise reduction just dampens the sound.…"

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Jessica McMillan

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"…Hi, Todd. Well, you know, I'm going to respond to this one. I actually love tapes, too. I don't have as many anymore. I got rid of most of them during the CD era. At that time, I still probably felt that records were still more worth keeping, whereas tapes they tended to grade more easily in the heat. Maybe because they are portable, they get loosened up. I mean, you can tighten up the slack. You can perform little surgeries.…"

Any tapeheads on Swell?

@Raretodd · 11mo ago · 4:14


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