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Should you read Self Help Books?

After that? Look at what were the similarities between what the author has written and what you have written down as points in your notebook. See, you can find different things like you may find things which you did not think of earlier, but the author has mentioned it in the chapter. That's how you develop your thinking. And I think that is how you should should

Should you read Self Help Books? #SelfHelp #Selfhelpbooks #thinking #perspective

Ramya V
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This is a very interesting post. I really like some of the insights that you share about consuming these. Should you read self help books? Don't really read much of these books, but do remember a time when I did go through a couple of these when I was going through a certain phase in my life. And I completely agree with you when you said that some of the points or some of the approaches that they recommend in these books may not necessarily work for us