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What's the cheesiest thing you've ever done as a tourist?!🤫🤫

What is that most cliche thing you've ever done as a tourist? I'm sure there's a cheesy tourist in all of us that we don't want to admit, but let's just indulge for a bit and have some in fun. Hey, let me start off with a few of mine

Some absolutely overrated tourist activities #travel #travelcliches #overrated #overhyped

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#LondonEye #Buckinghampalace

So arrived on the London Eye and watching the Change of God at Buckingham Palace probably tops the list for me
Ramya V
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#MadameTussauds #Waxmuseum

And that would probably be closely followed by clicking Cheesy Pictures with Celebrities at the Wax Museum at Madame dearth
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Shahnaz Ahmed
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We all have crazy tourist in us 🤷🏽‍♀️

So I really want to work on it. So that's my justification on taking pictures every step I walk. The other touristy thing that I did, which I didn't even think of it as touristy until someone gave me this look like the stink eye. Like, what are you doing? I mean, seriously, which is I went on this Alaska cruise. Okay. But this is like a small ship, like, maximum capacity on this boat was, I think, 30 people or 40 people
Ramya V
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#fridgemagnets for me! @bookishpodcast

So I think it's absolutely okay to indulge in these cheesy stuff every once in a while. And I quite enjoy it myself. So I used to be a huge collector of these travel mugs just like you. But then I realized the practical difficulties of putting them up somewhere. So I've moved on to fridge magnets, and now, literally, quite literally, every inch of my fridge is kind of covered with these funky magnets
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#fishermanswharf #cablecarride #alcatrazisland @RobbinMilne

Hey, Robin, thank you for sharing your goofy travel experiences here. I so loved hearing about them, and I would really love to take a ride on a glass bottom boat someday. It sounds like so much fun. Yes, I've done some regular stuff at Fisherman's Warfare as well. I think I remember doing the cable car ride and having ice creams at the garage. Ly Square. Forgive me if I'm saying that wrong. And I remember clicking tons of pictures of Alcatraz Island
Bernie Goldbach
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I walked on blue carpet.

My story goes back to the Eighties 1980s. I was a very lucky high flying pilot. And one of the jobs I had was to take traveling dignitaries, traveling groups of dignitaries, different parts of the world. And in one particular trip, I took the special Secretary for the vice President of the United States, throughout parts of Southern Europe and North Africa. And on the way back in to Andrews Air Force Base. Now I think it's called Joint Base Andrews or something like that
Sreeja V
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Bekal fort and Minnie Mouse ears

Hey Ramya, two things that I think top my list of cheesiest stuff that I've done first is to visit Bagel Fort. You know where if you you remember one particular song was short from the movie Bombay Called To Hear, and I actually went to that Fort and walked through that entire place where this particular song was shot just to relive that memory. The second was actually watching the Disney Parade wearing the mini mouse years on my head and feeling really silly
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The Quintessential #TajMahal pic

I suppose the one right in front of the touch where you just sit with your families, write poses and click those pictures. Yeah, I fall for it every time
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