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Mis(s)adventures of a sales girl by Aashisha Chakraborty- A book review.

article image placeholderMiss Adventures of a Salesgirl
So I think there's enough in the book for the story to continue, for the protagonist to face new challenges, perhaps. I would say a sequel isn't a bad idea. But for now, I'm going to be sharing the Amazon Book link here and would highly recommend that you check the book out for a breezy, heartwarming read over the weekend

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Aashisha Chakraborty
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The salesgirl thanks you!

Thank you, Ramirea, for such a beautiful and a delightful review. It completely made my day. And you're right, the complexities of a woman, of a working woman are not easily understood by others. And I always wanted to bring a part of how a woman lives and thrives today to life, and this book has helped me to that. I'm really glad if the message got across to you
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