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Homework woes.

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"…I have no idea how I'm going to go about doing that. So obviously the boys need my help over the weekend, and to me, it's always been a challenge to take that very important call of stepping back beyond the point and letting them finish their work on their own. Most often I end up shouldering a lot of their work all the while knowing that while the assignment might get done on time, it's not really going to help.…"

The thin line between helping your kids with their homework and doing it for them!


Tim Ereneta

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"…So when the kids are young, they just have one day assignments that's easier to manage longer term assignments, book reports and building projects. That was tougher, but checking in to see how progressive being made, managing a schedule that's helpful as a coach, it's asking leading questions. What do you already know? What do you wonder? What could happen? What are some ideas? And I always encouraged the importance of bad first drafts, bad first attempts and first failures.…"

Parent as project manager and coach


phil spade

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"…Here where you're much more a project manager, a sounding board, somebody to look things over an opinion and more or less giving those skills to ask the right questions to understand what was taught. And what are we trying to learn? I think Tim's advice is just completely spot on. Well done, Tim.…"

@Ramya @Tim is spot on!


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Ramya V

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"…And rather than focusing on the completion of the assignment or the homework, it works better when we kind of support them to increase their confidence in completing their tasks on their own. So, yeah, you bring up a very important point there. And one that I shall keep in mind as I work with them. So the boys, we kind of watched a documentary together last evening about one of the assignment tasks that were given to them.…"

@Tim @Phil appreciate the great tips!


Nidhi A

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"…But me, I tend to take 4 hours because I do sometimes procrastinate, but I have noticed some of the assignments are quite tedious, and I do know that the assignments are supposed to help students learn and kind of connect these concepts, but especially for science and math. I have to ask my parents a lot for help on a lot of the questions because a lot of them are application questions, and I might struggle a little bit with those.…"


Homework woes.

@Ramya · 1yr ago · 1:55


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