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#AskAnAuthor | Writer & Bookstagrammer S.P.Mittson talks about her book 'The Wandering Star'

It's a pleasure to have her join me in this conversation to talk about her creative journey and give us a deep dive into what went behind the writing of her book. Hello. Thank you so much for joining in

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1. What sparked the idea for a romance set in a fantastical realm?

The wandering star has been praised for its intricate world building and a compelling storyline, so I'm curious to know what exactly sparked the idea for a romance set in the backdrop of such a fantastical dark realm
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2. Making the lead pairs chemistry come alive - what was your approach?

You've beautifully explored the enemies to lovers trope in your book, and that too in a very unique manner, and in a very different kind of setting. Kayden Parsons, one of your main characters, is described as this obnoxious jerk by your protagonist, yet their relationship evolves throughout the story, and I noticed that a lot of readers have praised the chemistry and the banter between the lead pair, so building believable characters is essential for any genre, and especially so when it comes to romance
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3. Keeping the dialogue real and natural.

It goes without saying that dialogue also plays a huge role in fantasy romance when it comes to building chemistry between the lead pair. I'm curious to know how you came up with dialogue that feels really natural and relatable, especially in all those scenes where, you know, sparks fly between your lead characters
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4. Staying inspired and motivated and navigating creative blocks.

Right. So I think this brings me to my last question for you. But before I get into it, I'd like to thank you for taking the time out and joining me today and giving us this deep dive into what went behind the writing of your book. It's been fascinating getting to know those, you know, insider tidbits about how the whole story came about and your whole publishing journey as well. Thank you so much. And here comes the final question for you