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Rakhee Parekh
@Rakhzzz · 5:00

Does Age Matter To Do Certain Things In Life ?

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Be it child, of course, but after that, what? Like graduation, post graduation, PhD and many other things, et cetera, anything. But I personally think that today's there are many people who are pursuing their education, who are pursuing their career, who are pursuing their passion, who are pursuing their life, anything at any certain age. So that is really not wrong choice

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Taha Abbas
@taha_oracle · 4:26
We forget our true selves when we grow up. We take this burden of being adults and we forget who we truly are. And that's why we start getting depressed and handshakes all the time and stuff like that. And so, yeah, what should be as child like as much as possible and be themselves. It's very important. And I suppose that's all I have to say and hoping to hate more from you and others. Take care
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Tanishi Singhal
@iamtanishi · 0:25
Well, I personally feel I still feel that, you know, age doesn't matter. And, yeah, it depends on person to person. If you want to start a business or 60, you can do it. And a lot of people are setting examples in today's world also. So it depends completely on you how much healthy and wealthy you are and how much you are able to do. It completely depends on you
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