Dear Mom - You Are Top Of All

Hello Jay Zandria, Namaste Panacam Kimchi and Safari Kal so I hope you all are doing fine. I'm your Rox and do you guys know what is today special? A special day today of course you might be knowing it it's Mother's day of course May 8 is marked as Mother's day but you know what I think to celebrate this day it's just a particular day it should not be celebrated right?

#MothersDay #Mother #Mom #Maa #Amma Mom You Are Infinite

Kavya N
@KavyaNagarajan · 0:07
Hi, Rocky. It s a sweet about. Here your first broadcast about our mother itself on the Mother's day
Rakhee Parekh
@Rakhzzz · 0:23
Yes Kavya Actually, I was like thinking right I was telling you I I would be posting like that so I was like since it is a Mother's Day today so why not like starting from this itself like that? So I just had a recorded this