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Harsh Bisht

 · 10mo ago · 3:20
Music and it's importance

"…Hey, guys. Welcome back, guys. What is music? Classical form, archka modern music. But guys, actually what is music? Music is not bounded in one reason or one type of music. There is something, there is something, an extraordinary power which is exist in between us. But somehow we are not able to figure it out. Right. Thank you so much, guys. Later on. So thank you, guys. Thank you so much.…"

#music lover, respect music, understand the importance of music in life


Muskan Sharma

 · 10mo ago · 0:22

"…Music really gives me energy like, even if sometimes I have sad moment if nobody can comfort you Music is the only thing I can play whenever I want music which was my mood it goes for anything I love music it's.…"