Who’s Favoured To Win The Oscars This Year?

So we are just going to give it an old college try anyways. Starting with everything. Everywhere, all at once. It was one of the most widely loved movies, I think last year. A surprise mash it and everybody likes an underdog. I mean everyone. I definitely would not bet against it. It's what a crazy level of nominations though. It would be equally crazy if I didn't get any of them though

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:29
I do think that everything, everywhere, all at once is going to sweep a lot of the awards. I think it's going to win best picture. I really do. Maybe because of how refreshingly new it is. But what I do think is going to happen is I think Spielberg is going to win best director because he's Spielberg. And from what I've heard, the fablemans is deserving of that award for him. I'm not totally sold on that yet