Shreya Raghuvanshi
@raghuvanshi · 1:44

Is Too Much Self-love, Narcissism?

Self love is recognizing your inner abilities and nurturing and acknowledging them because you is where your world begins. It should just not be fair. It ends. Narcissism is a whole other concept. On the other hand, it's also seen as a personality disorder. Those with narcissistic disorders need constant reassurance from their peers because they have to be the best and the most right. Meanwhile, self love is being in peace with yourself and your flaws and appreciating the good in you
Arya Jindal
@aryajindall · 0:05
Great swell. I think you highlighted the difference between the two really well
Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 0:48
Hey Shreya. I love the thin line of difference that you put in place about what is the difference between being a narcissist or being a person who loves themselves and rightly said and write report self love is appreciating and being at peace with yourself rather than always wanting to be right. Always wanted to be appreciated when you appreciate yourself that's self love. But when you want people to say you are the best, when you want validation from others, then that's been our success