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That Indian Geek
@RaghavAnand · 1:19

India winning at The Oval after 50 years?!

So this must be new to all of you who are listening right now. I mean, I discovered this new platform as well, so I'm giving it a shot and I'm starting with a topic that I like to talk about, which I have been engaged in the past a lot of times. I'm a cricket ballet and I've been recently watching a lot of cricket again. So I watched the match today as well. The match between India and England at the Oval


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Siddharth Narayan
@yoitsmesid · 1:16
Yeah, man, it's a great informing an overlap of years. Surely a great embarkment in the history. And it's not just the game that we want. It's the way that we showcase our when Vida Kodi and Pujara was not informed and say bigger pattern, Rahana was not informed. No, the emotion and the talent that Patrol showed was actually really great. I even doubt why he wasn't given the man of the match
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Varshith Mittapally
@varsh9901 · 0:28
Definitely how flat the fifth day wicket was. I was really skeptical. If India would, you know, make it and take all the stand cricket banter, the start that the English Passman gave. But India being India from the past last few years, they have been remarkable. That's the reason this made it even more special because this proves that we can dominate not only in India, but other conditions as well
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Harsh Shah
@Harsh_Shah · 0:45
So that is a good thing and really excited for I APL as well as you mentioned, I'm really excited to see Charles Thakur, Bishop Pant and Tesla Puja. I hope he plays this time because before he hasn't played. So I'm really excited for it and nicely covered. Really enjoyed listening to yourself
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