Rachel Liu

@rachell·3mo ago·3:07

TSITP: Team Jeremiah or Conrad?

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"…So Conrad Kind of keeps Acting out, and it's, like, treats Belly not that well in the second book. Also, like, Jeremiah Is not very well either. And this whole thing, like I said to Jeremiah or Conrad. My personal opinion, I think Conrad and Belly belong together. I mean, Belly always likes Conrad, and I guess they were in everything. So she kind of liked Jeremiah but Never actually truly liked him.…"



grace pouri

@gracepouri · 2mo ago · 1:06

"…And for the book, you could just tell he cares about it. You know what I mean? It's very hard to show otherwise because even though he does hide his feelings a lot, he still is showing some sort of devotion towards her in both of them. You can tell more that Jeremiah is Platonic, for sure.…"


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