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Blacks and Jews and Black Jews

article image placeholderAn Alliance of Blacks and Jews
But what one of the founders said, this is a quote, the impact of the alliance is to reignite and realign the power that exists in the connection between the black and Jewish communities and to grow and build a civil rights movement for the next generation. That was Ben Silverman. It's fascinating to me because I think of how important the relationship between the black and Jewish communities has been throughout history, especially think during Black History Month of the relationship during the civil rights movement

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Is the duality a struggle? On any given day...

So when it comes to these alliances, life experiences are so different because part of the black experience in this country is so much in reaction to people's reaction. Whereas I think part of the Jewish experience in this country is a little more nuanced. And the reason why the alliance is so profound also is that if you have a person who's black and Jewish, they have a lot to say and a lot to feel
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Let’s educate towards a better understanding of our rich diversity!

We have to look for examples in other places, and we have to ourselves reeducate and retrain our minds so that we can be inclusive and understanding of the tensions and the interesting dichotomies in our communities. It just as a final end note, I have one of my husband's first cousins children lives in Crown Heights, white Jewish, and he did an interview with a very prominent black American Israeli rapper, this guy, Nissan Black, who also goes under the name D Black
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Hey, this is really a profound conversation, and I think it's a needed conversation. I've been thinking about this, especially during other 45 administration. Where are we in the solidarity movement that occurred or that existed with the black community and the Jewish community, from the civil rights movement? And I would ask myself and I always ask whenever there were issues or these shootings or George Floyd, where does the Jewish community stand in solidarity with the black community?
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Community building!

And so when I was in high school, I was the President of the Jewish Student Union at my school, and it was a completely open club for anybody to join. And I made sure to go out of my way and have it be as inclusive as possible. So if you came to a meeting there, I would say it was half Jewish students and then half students who were interested in activism or were there to support their friends
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I’m a Black Jew!

No one ever assumed that they converted to Judaism, but people consistently assume that I converted to Judaism simply because of the color of my skin, which is not true. I was born into Judaism just like many of my friends who are also Jewish were born into it, and I've struggled my entire life with feeling like I'm not Jewish enough because of my blackness, but not feeling black enough because of my Jewishness
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Lifting up black Jewish voices and lives!! @Izzy #bendthearc #joc

I have many Jews of color in my life who I have deep regard and respect for in terms of their leadership in the Jewish community. And we need more people like you who are interested. If I would like to turn your attention to this incredible organization called Bendy, Ark. A Jewish Partnership for justice that has a leadership development cohort called Sela S-E-L-A-H. And the last three cohorts have all been Jews of color. So just wanted to respond to that wish you a Shabbat Shalom
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