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Quinne Brown Huffman
@Quinne · 1:09

Good morning series #10 (scenes)

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You're good morning. Scenes, sights, sounds, smells stories to tell where do I end and you begin? I sit in stillness the fullness of privilege of enoughness I take a peek bodies speak, I climb with no fright mastery of flight blue skies above pop out in love of technocolor smiles of another I stay to see I linger to be all right

#poetry #goodmorning #be #see #beauty #art #life #living #poet #speak #comment #heartopened #magic #spring #bluesky

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Sumran Jot Singh
@Sumranjs · 0:52


And yes, the sun did come out a little bit where I stay towards the later, towards just before the sunset last evening and then again it was cloudy. But I love this. We need more rain in our lives, right? So thank you. Thank you for sharing and am. Cheers
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Becky Butler
@bc75 · 0:32
You. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece when I really appreciate it. I really appreciate it. And it was beautiful and what I needed to hear for a very serene morning during some difficult days. So thank you for sharing your truth and sharing your light and sharing your love is truly appreciated and truly beautiful. Thank you
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