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The Bem Sex-Role Inventory - Are you more masculine or feminine?

And Ben's view at the time was that you could be both masculine and feminine at the same time and that actually fully developing those States was a sign of great psychological health. So it was developed as an open source way of measuring masculinity and femininity. And if you follow the link here, you can take the test and also learn more about how it was developed. I took the test last night and I laughed so hard because my results are pretty on par with me being a non binary person

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Deborah Pardes
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Those questions were so extreme and weird, funny, unpredictable. I kind of not relatable, but I went with it. Anyway. Here's my results. It looks like I'm what I thought I was. I kind of a spot on actually. Here they are
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Something that's interesting to add into this conversation is recently my writing group and I were talking about this Compass that is in the novel Euphoria by Lily King, which is based off of the life of the anthem Apologist Market Mead. And if you look at this map or Compass here and the traits associated with North, South, east and west, it seems to Mapon to the the the the BEM sexrole inventory are I just think is fascinating