Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:50

Is polyamory for you?

I'd be very curious to hear if you have experimented at all with different relationship styles and how you have found what works for you. I really appreciate how they talk about relationship structures and styles being something that should be reconsidered and recommitted to on a regular basis, because context and the various relationships we're in can really influence what we're able to offer in addition to our relationship up with ourselves. So I want to hear your thoughts on this and let's talk about it

Poly = many Amory = love #lgbtqia #polyamory #love

Tasha Frank
@NLOFrank · 3:47


And I think we should be having these discussions and like, maybe sometimes monogamy doesn't work for people because you're not monogamous and we shouldn't discourage people and make them feel like that's a bad thing. Maybe you're entering relationships styles that don't work for you
Charlie Olivieri
@Charlieri · 2:18

@bowie @NLOFrank Hi, I'm here and I'm poly!

Hello. So I just joined Swell, and I thought I'd have a little look through. And then I came across this spread and I thought I have to reply because I've been polyamorous for six years now. I love it. I think it's been amazing for me my life. And I think there's just something really fantastic about non monogamous relationships that force you to look at relationships really consciously. So the simplest thing within this is communication, which is just so important in any relationship
Bowie Rowan
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And I read it in my early to mid 20s as I was first beginning to question and try to navigate what style of relationship that I wanted. And it's something that I definitely am starting to question and redefine with my current partner as I travel and he travels