Bowie Rowan
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Happy International Nonbinary People's Day!

The term gender fluid resonates with me most clearly so meaning like my gender, my relationship to it as far as internally, and also my expression of it is fluid, constantly shifting, evolving, changing something in flux and nonbinary. For those of you who may not know, or maybe this is one of the first times you're hearing it or you've heard it. But I haven't really talked to anyone about it

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Deborah Pardes
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It's a stunning album of all sorts of songs and support, and it just sort of captures so many of the narratives of this community. I met Storm Miguel Flores in a very beautiful way. She came to my studio in San Francisco many, many years ago, and she recorded an album and she was a she, and then she transitioned to a he and Stormy Gil Flores is now a man, and she is celebrating her life as a musician. And she continues to
Deborah Pardes
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He / she / we

And I love being clumsy and open, especially in this platform, because we all want to hold each other and love each other and find ways to be gentle when we're tripping up on pronouns on all the ways to honor people's identities. So, Storm, if you're listening, I'm so happy to hear your music. You sound delicious. And I honor your pronoun as a he. And I am so happy that you are doing this beautiful work for community
Patric Phillips
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So if you're a drag queen with a hand on the hip versus big, thick, flat heeled, boots, face front, that's going to make you feel two different ways, right? And I think it's really cool to play with that physicality. That's something I teach in theater is physical. How does our body move through time and space, and what does it feel like when you have different physicalities and what's going on up in the head and the heart?