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purnima P
@purnima04 · 1:50

Is Indian Parenting bad ?

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If you are being strict with your children, it doesn't mean that they'll become well disciplined in the future. Sorry to say this, the more strict you are, the more chances of your children becoming undisciplined. They often have very high expectations from their kids which often lead the child to become under confident and being pressurized over their parents at such a young age. No one in this world can be successful all the time. Life has both ups and downs

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Krishna Telang
@Krishnaroxs · 4:08
Like we say that our parents push us into a system, they push us into a rigid lifestyle, they push us into following the stuff that's going on that's not adaptable to change. But I guess if you want to understand something before you declare it good or bad, understand it. Try and understand it. Like for me, everything has a reason. So just try and think, why are your parents doing this? They might have a stereotypical mindset
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