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Venus in Gemini Astro/Tarot Reading: What to Expect? Communication and Collaboration is the Goal!

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And what I'm really feeling here is, as we all know, air signs in particular are all about communication, especially Gemini mercury, gemini's ruler rules over communication. And with this Queen of Swords here, I feel like there's a need to let yourself be open to others and getting your ideas out there and not being so guarded because clarifying the conjunction card, we have the Tower. And just the energy I was feeling off of it is there is a need to not be so guarded

Taking a look at the upcoming transit of Venus moving into Gemini. Follow up messages coming! #tarot #astrology #transittalk #advice #energyupdate

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I love that there, um, that there's that, like, synchronicity in those in those in those two things, and and stumbling upon your message now, I think is so cool. So, yeah, I'm excited to hear more for your second message, if you if you want to share it, but this was really, really cool to listen to. Thank you so much
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It was part of the reason I wanted to get on this app, to kind of get myself speaking to other people more often and actually engaging with others because it can be hard, especially if you've experienced really crappy stuff when it comes to trying to bond with other people in any kind of way beyond like here's your reading. Have a great day. It can be tough, so I appreciate you extending your vulnerability. It's heard and it's appreciated
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