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Professor Z

 · 2mo ago · 4:29
Zelle Scam

"…And when these consumers went to Zell and said, hey, I lost some money. Are you able to assist me with this? Either get this money back or reimburse me for this money. They were essentially told to go kick rocks. It's not happening.…"

Do you use the 'safe' payment platform Zelle with your bank? https://s.swell.life/STITyNZYptsF1yA


Ryan May

 · 2mo ago · 1:35

"…And I ended up losing $1,000. And as I got in touch with Zeld, they said, well, you authorize this, so it's on you. And so you figured there might be a way that they can go to the account that you sent it to and freeze it or get the money back or what have you. So, yeah, I've been defrauded by Zillow. I will not use Zillow again. And I try to avoid using any kind of money transaction app anymore.…"


J.L. Beasley

 · 2mo ago · 4:55

"…So I actually have cash app, Venbo, PayPal and those are my three have not had any issues with cash app or Venmo. I tend to limit my transactions to people I know, and for the few times that I have purchased items from Facebook Marketplace, I heard another commenter talk about that.…"