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Sports TV
@Priyanshu_98 · 4:10

Indian Football Team qualified in Asia Cup

I didn't think that I need to tell who is about Puskas and everything because football lovers would really know because there is an award named Puskas award so football hours will know it and those who are non football lovers they just search it with push cuts you all will know it

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Divya Bhatia
@Anastasia_9 · 0:51


So I wanted to reply on that but maybe you have touched the wrong button and only invited users can reply on that. So maybe you have done that by mistake. So I wanted to tell you and you can still edit order as well and then I'll reply on it and it was amazing
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Sports TV
@Priyanshu_98 · 0:30


Extremely sorry about that because actually I have not meant to make it only invite only. But it had been done by mistake by me and now I have opened it to all. You can now reply over here and there. And I want to ask you one question that whether roasting is healthy for our society or not if you think that roasting is healthy for our society you can also reply on it. Thank you. I
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