Rachel Goodwin
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What does "Flawless" mean to you?

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And I think we all have a lot of lessons we can take from the Korean capital of Seoul when it comes to lessons in beauty and culture. So I wanted to start off this conversation by just kind of getting to the bottom of what does it mean flawless? What does flawless mean to us? That word comes very loaded

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nina gregory
@ninaberries · 0:34
Um, I think that's a really interesting question. I'm sitting outside right now, and I'm looking at flowers, and I'm thinking about what is flawless. And while flowers don't necessarily have perfect symmetry, although my camellias might, it is the asymmetry that, to me, makes them flawless. So I don't think flawless means symmetrical. I think it means without flaw. And I don't think asymmetry is a flaw. That's just my first thought
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:58

@PrettyCurious https://elisehu.com/flawless/

But I think the conversation is fascinating because it helps us all kind of talk about our language and talk about, I don't know, our quiet voices inside us that might be just so damning and hard to navigate. So I'm so excited about this conversation. It's going to be truly expansive. And thanks for inviting all of us in
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Heidi H
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Not one definite answer

And I have friends who have just become moms and they are in love with their body now and things change for them and they do feel flawless because they just created another human. And I think that the word flawless is always changing for people. I don't know if it's changing for society as a general topic, but I think to different people at different times, it can mean so many things. I'm going to take a look at this book
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