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Preet Kaur
@preet_kaur18 · 4:52

How Fake Social Media Lives Can Leave You Feeling Inferior?

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They feel competitive and want to be seen as having a happy relationship, a thriving career, gifted children, adventurous hobbies, or the world's cutest baby. Social media allows its members to create their life by only opting to showcase their finest moments. It can leave a false impression with their friends and followers, which leaves more people feeling that they have to try to live up to the lives they falsely believe others are leading. Understandably, people want to be seen in their best light

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Discover_With_ Mamta
@Mamta09 · 3:12
So this is a very deep thought process of yours and it's the reality. And since I'm also into public speaking and counseling book, I have seen people are going frustrated. One of my research has also told which very soon I'll be swelling here. But then it was like hardly. In five to ten years we will see people going under depression just because of social media
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