Don’t be sorry! ….First meet-up!!!

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Like I said in my last twelve, the ten out of the 15 in DBS don't be sorry are from Mumbai. So after like a month of talking and bonding online, we decided to meet for the first time. The ones who were from outside Mumbai had big time for more, but we couldn't help. We met each other for the first time and it was lovely to see them all together
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@anshahuja · 0:17
For sure. Pratham, even us first years in Delhi have met up quite a lot of times. I can really relate to the kind of experience you guys had and it's really fun and genuinely we can't wait to meet up in College with everybody else from other States
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khushi baheti
@Khushib · 0:17
This is exactly what's happening right now. We also me and my College friends met and again, I also applied for value and year. And we have amazing sessions here in College. And yes, I do feel that I'm going to cherish all of these memories forever
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