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Keep guessing until the next swell!!!

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Now I'll be talking about one of the most interesting incident that made me viral. Or, you could say, popular. I don't know what, but not only in my College but in various other College across Mumbai. My classmates had been receiving videos from their friends of different colleges saying, Is this guy in your College or is this video of your College? So it was quite fascinating and embarrassing at the same time
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Why do I think I remember this incident? Actually, I saw I think I saw that video as well. And I think you told about this in your interview as well, although I'm not very sure, but let's see what your next well holds
Diya Patel
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D***, I'm intrigued. So people from other colleges found out about you cuz of that. Okay. Yeah, I'm interested. Let's know what's up. Also, please make your swells a little longer. They like hook me in, but then the thing you like post just 1 minute swells my guy
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