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pramod j
@pramodj321 · 2:28

Overcome with feeling of regret

Or I should have called that person at that time, or I shouldn't have talked that person, or I shouldn't have met that person during that time. So we fail that regret after some years or some months, then we don't have anything. We can't do anything except just thinking over and over and over and getting that regret kind of feeling

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Avneet .
@avneet_ · 1:13
Hi there. And I feel like, yes, regret is something which can really swallow us whole if we do not act on it and if we do not actually seek out of ways to get out of it. It's like pretty much similar to grief, but in a different way. Like, when you do things, you regret it either at the same moment after some time, or maybe once when you're looking back, things could have been different
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pramod j
@pramodj321 · 3:48
Before reading this sentence, I was thinking more on the feeling side and after just realizing okay, so this could be one of the reason and I was unknowingly shifted to the thought process. In other words, you can say I was more into the logical things, chan the feeling, emotional feelings and this lead me a very good world of philosophy
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