Pranaw Sinha
@pragmaticideal · 4:59

Achievements—How to leapfog ?

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Let us understand that universe works on certain fundamental principles. The foundational principles which will never ever change. Its speech is based on universal laws and one of the law is the law and operations of thought. All your achievement and failures are a function of thought. Whether it is your weakness or it is your strength, whether it is your impurity or whether it is your priority, it is brought about by your thoughts
Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 1:50
Okay, first of all, I found this, well, very, very inspiring. Since my childhood, I have been told that, you know, when you think positive, positive things might happen, but when you think negative, negative things will happen. So even though I was too young to, at that time, process what that saying meant, but I knew that I'm not supposed to think negative things. But then also you have these fears, right?
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