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pradeep anandakumar

 · 1yr ago · 2:29
A Memory from my trip to Munnar, Kerala

"…They took us in the Forest Department and about 20 minutes drive and ten minutes of tricking I found a huge waterfalls where we were not allowed to buy it as of heavy rain and heavy water flow on return the fallout Department officials pointed out few vegetations and said this is the place where the Kurunji flower blooms. Once in twelve years. I said to myself that I was at the wrong time. Thank you and this is my experience.…"

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Sreeja V

 · 1yr ago · 0:42

"…Hi Pradeep, I have traveled to Munnar, Kerala times, but never on a bike. And I have always wondered, though, you know, especially as you climb towards Munnar, you know, you go through the reserve, forest or section. And I have always been off of the bikers because especially towards late evenings, there is so much of animal sighting around that area and it must be quite an exhilarating and frightful experience. I the same time to be on two Wheeler and go through it.…"